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The Royal Jesters

Step into Medieval Merriment with The Royal Jesters

Transport yourself to a world of laughter and medieval charm with our captivating Royal Jests acts. These jester characters are more than entertainers – they're the embodiment of comedy, perfectly suited for festivals, garden parties, and any event seeking a touching of whimsical medieval allure


Comedic Brilliance and medieval Magic

Our Royal Jests acts bring forth a symphony of comedic brilliance and medieval magic. With skills encompassing juggling, acrobatics, bubbles that dance like medieval wonders, stilt walking that elevates the experience, and the artistry of the unicycle, their performances weave an enchanting tapestry that captivates and amazes.


Medieval-Themed Delight for Any Occasion

For events that resonate with the medieval spirit, our jesters are your ticket to an unforgettable experience. Their presence adds a dash of authentic charm, transforming festivals and garden parties into realms of laughter and wonder, reminiscent of times gone by.


Strolling Comedy and Medieval Wonder

Imagine jesters strolling through your event, interacting with guests and creating moments of pure amusement. Their walk-about style infuses each gathering with a personalized touch of hilarity, making them the perfect addition to any occasion.


A Tapestry of Laughter and History

The legacy of our Royal Jests acts includes a notable appearance on 'The Junior British Bake Off 2023 Final,' showcasing their ability to evoke laughter and amazement. With every performance, they create a tapestry of mirth and medieval enchantment that lingers long after the event ends.


Embark on a Medieval Adventure.

From side-splitting comedy to mesmerizing feats, our Royal Jests bring a touch of the medieval to life. Don't miss the opportunity to experience their magic at your event. Book now and embark on a jouney of coedy, wonder and medieval delights.

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